I struggle,

I strain,

I tire,

Fight a battle of life recognition

On this hazardous road to there

“Help me with this,i need that”

Mum,Dad provides for me

Helps me with nearly all i need

Destructions,problems,fear come my way

Unwell ness takes the order of the day

But time became a healing factor

I looked for support from family,friends

They seemed too busy on their duties

Humility,i had to cling on it

To have a dispassionate smooth ride

When the doors of life gave me opportunity

The advantage it was to me

Fighting this endless battle

For me to reach there

A life semantically similar to the jungle

The future me became my role model


When am the future me,there

Many are my friends

“we know each other since childhood”

I had to clamber since then,

For their perishing help

But now the contrast it is

Responsibilities have become more than expected

I regroup myself on my lounge

They form part of my in life

I just help them,but in a limited way

Right now am there

There,another turn of animation to go after

Maintaining it becomes another gainsay

But only fate will decide for me

On the level of endeavor i put

Compete in life,with life but not for life

In order to survive just as in a jungle

Every animal struggles to see the sunrise.

As many compete for time and space,

Or rather,time or space

What you do always counts

Never will it be recovered,as time speaks out

Am not yet there,but i will soon

(by Jacktone O. Omondi)


As they say,every thief’s day is numbered.

This man sleeping naked on the ground was caught red handed stealing very late at night around 3:00am today at Ondiek estate in Kisumu by an owner of one of the houses,when he decided to take the law on his hands to teach the thief a lesson.

Witnesses say that at first he tried to escape by fighting back,but all his actions to rescue himself were in vain when the mob were many at the incident.They also added that from the looks of things it was two people planning to steal,a statement that was contradicted by the thief saying he was alone in the mission.

The thief however(whose identity is not known)says his home town is Kuria,but sells water at the Kisumu buses and matatu shuttle station,all this happening as he is seriously beaten and asked many questions to verify himself.

Otieno,the owner’s house claims his most valuable kitchen items were taken away through the window by the man and placing them in a box.An action that has happened neither once,twice but occasionally.

“He has really disturbed me for long,stealing from me has surely taken me back to buying other kitchen staff,which are very costly to me.He has confessed that he knows here very well,meaning he has been here at occasion times,”

“In fact I have never seen a foolish person stealing directly under a well lit security light.Today I have taught him a lesson never to be taught again.

The thief was left laying on the ground naked hopelessly after his clothes were burnt to ashes,now suffering under serious internal and external injuries all by himself for hours till sunrise .Many,being school pupils stared at him at him at a glance just opposite the Kisumu Union and Kibuye Mixed Primary school respectively.Hours later one of the bodaboda operators felt pitty and took him to the nearest hospital as the Police looked into the matter.What next for the thief as nurses are on there strike?

(a photo showing were the alleged thief passed through while trying to escape)


The Deputy President Wiliam Ruto has been called upon by Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho not to send off his allies who attack him.

The governor claims that Ruto is sending his allies to fight him over allegedly involving in dug trafficking,a move that Joho says will not work for him.

Speaking on Monday while accompanying Ishrad Sumra,as the former Mp submitted his nomination papers to the IEBC Nairobi,the governor said that the DP was the most corrupt person in the country and also would fight so that he would not be in presindcy come 2022.


Love,there since in the begining

Love,there when He saw Eve

Love,as the scriptures say

Love bares all things


It is the nacked truth i tell you

Existed when i first saw you

Love is your first name in my heart

Is what you ar to me

Is what makes me lively,yearn for more

Give it to me my love

To us is not blind,we can see it

To us iws unforgettable,yes predictable

Love,was there,is there,will forever be there

for us,love

Love,just as the scriptures speaks out

Love bares all things

That is how my undisputed love is to you

And will forever be a factual one

And forever a slave we will be to it

Ooohhh!My,my love

That is how i love you till death


(By Jacktone O. Omondi)